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Club Cafe

Real Name
Scott “Scotty” Keilman

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Works At
Ustianochka’s featured restaurant:


Club Café
56-58 South 12th Street


“When the band’s onstage and the crowd’s completely into the music, that’s when I’m happy!” says Scott, who’s been with Club Café as doorman, bartender, and manager for more than ten years. A musician himself, Scott says, “For me, Club Café is a place where people can relate. I feel like I’m helping make a cool scene possible every night.”


Playing classic rock (piano and guitar, self-taught).
Raising two toddlers with his art-teacher wife.
Rafting, kayaking, hiking (“But, these days, nothing too extreme”).

Favorite Vodka Cocktail

Ustianochka Real Russian Vodka Spicy Larry (named teasingly after a well-behaved bartender friend)

ZPub_Ustianochka_Scott Special

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