Ustianochka Real Russian Vodka

Spicy Larry

What you’ll need:
• 1 ½ oz. Ustianochka Real Russian Vodka
• ½ oz. St. Germain
• Coctail shaker
• 2 oz. Pineapple juice
• 1 ½ oz. Soda water
• Few slices of jalapeno
• Few mint leaves
• Muddler
• Ice for shaker

How to make it:
• Fill glass with ice, and garnish with mint leaves and jalapeno slice, preferably red for color.
• Combine jalapeno slices, one or two mint leaves, and pineapple juice in a shaker/cup.
• Muddle these ingredients together, bringing out the juices from the jalapeno and mint leaves.
• In separate shaker, combine ice, Ustianochka vodka, and St. Germain.
• Strain muddled mix into vodka and St. Germain mix.
• Shake well and strain into glass.
• Add soda water, and serve.

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