How Ustianochka Was Born

The Real Story

Back to the Real Source
When we set out to bring the genuine experience of vodka to America, we had no idea how long it would take. Exceptional quality isn’t always easy to find. Then we heard about a traditional distillery, tucked away in the Ustyansky region. They made a special vodka that the locals called Ustianochka. Our first sip was a delightful surprise. It combined a lot of smoothness with just a little bit of fire, in a way that we’d never tasted before. On top of that, it was authentically Russian. We’d found the vodka were looking for. So, for your enjoyment, we brought it home.


Real Smooth Taste
If you appreciate fine vodka, you’ll recognize the clean, elegant taste of a premium brand. If you’re new to vodka, welcome! Either way, you’ll find that Ustianochka plays exceptionally well with any mixer you prefer, and behaves itself on the rocks or all alone.

Real Authenticity
Ustianochka begins where true vodka began: in the unspoiled northland of Russia, close to the Arctic Circle. A region where, for centuries, clear, icy springs have watered fields of hardy winter wheat. And where traditional Russian vodka, the spirit of friendship and celebration, is still crafted today.

Real Quality
No chemicals, no additives, no hype. Just clear, natural spring water, the finest grain, and a stubborn, Old World insistence on artisanal technique. Ustianochka is hand-blended for consistent balance, triple-distilled for flavor, and platinum-filtered for premium smoothness.


Real Craftsmanship
While our distillers avoid even a hint of artificial ingredients, they’re not afraid to use technology that protects real vodka character. That’s why they patiently filter every drop of Ustianochka through activated charcoal and catalytic platinum.

Real Easy
Just twist, pop and pour.


From the best grain

From crystal water

From a country far away

With charming smiles

To festive gatherings

Bring The Spirit Home!

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