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Invite Ustianochka Vodka to Your Summer Cookout

This weekend is a time to celebrate this beautiful country we live in, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy plenty of delicious food and drink! When you’re heading out this weekend for some fun but responsible activities, don’t forget to throw a bottle of vodka in your picnic basket, or prepare one of these beforehand.


To Eat

It’s common to have a watermelon at your picnic… but how about an adult watermelon? Just cut a small hole in your watermelon, large enough for the end of a funnel to go into, and then pour one and a half cups of Ustianochka into the watermelon, slowly. Let it sit for a few hours and then cut it up before serving it to guests.

If you’re looking for more of an iced treat for a hot day, consider all of the ways that vodka can be worked into dessert! Two examples are adding it into frozen ice or popsicles. To make creamcicle frozen ice, all you’ll need are vodka, grand mariner, shaved ice, and thawed orange juice concentrate. Oh, and these instructions.

We never thought we would call popsicles chic, but that is exactly what comes to mind when we think of these Blueberry Basil Martini Pops. They are a nice alternative to the classic flavors you can get from the grocery store!


To Drink

Of course, when you think of vodka, you think of drinking it. But when you’re at a picnic, you probably won’t be drinking your vodka straight! So here are two ideas for adding Ustianochka to some of your favorite summer drinks.

The first is simple! Just add a can of your favorite frozen lemonade concentrate to 12 oz. of Ustianochka. With two ingredients, it’s easy to make on the go, or even make regularly at home!

(Note: You’ll be able to enjoy this next drink in August – it takes a month to prepare!)

The second is a little bit more complicated – but only a little! We found this delicious recipe for Limoncello, and all you need is vodka, lemons, sugar, and water! But note that this limoncello takes about a month to age, so don’t start it the night before you’d like to drink it.


To Enjoy the Party

Vodka isn’t just good to drink and add to some of your favorite recipes. In fact, there are a ton of uses for vodka that can solve a wide variety of issues. Two common issues when you’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors? Bug bites and poison ivy! Luckily, if you’ve got your Ustianochka vodka with you, you can make yourself more comfortable.

If you run into any poison ivy at your picnic, pour vodka over the area it touched to reduce your chance of developing one of those itchy rashes!

Vodka is also a natural bug repellant! Pour some into a spray bottle and you can safely spray it on your body, or spray it right on the insect that is bothering you.

No matter how you use it, be sure to grab a bottle of Ustianochka for your 4th of July gathering! (Click here to find where Ustianochka is sold near you!)

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