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4 Ways to Cool Down with Ustianochka this Summer


The recent arrival of the summer solstice has brought to us long, sunny days and short, warm nights. The beautiful weather alone gives us reason to celebrate. It is a time for cookouts, campfires, music festivals, vacations, and lazy days at the pool. There are many delicious drinks to make with Ustianochka year-round, but summer gives us an excuse to try out some unique treats to cool down with and usually more opportunities to share them with friends. Here are four ways to use Ustianochka in creative ways this summer.

1. Popsicles

It’s a given that kids love popsicles, but why not make an upgraded version for the young-at-heart adults? We found a recipe for Blue Lagoon popsicles that those over 21 can exclusively enjoy. If you follow this exact recipe, you’ll have a red and blue treat, just in time for 4th of July! Just make sure they are well-marked if there are little ones around!

2. Sorbet

For something a little more fancy, a sorbet is most always a welcomed dessert – more specifically, a Cosmopolitan sorbet. This one is an ideal dessert for a planned girl’s night or after a dinner for two.

3. Slushies

What is better than sweet tea on a hot day? A sweet tea vodka slushie definitely sounds like a step-up. Of course there are lots of other recipes floating around for this classic concept as well. Slushies and smoothies are always a great opportunity to try colorful and refreshing combinations. Another simple flavor we think is worth trying is lemon!

4. Fruit Juice Ice Cubes

Ice melts fast out in that 90 degree weather. We found the perfect solution – ice cubes made of fruit juice! Whether you choose what kind of juice based on a specific recipe, or pick your favorite and create your own concoction, these alternative ice cubes will eliminate watered-down drinks and make your drinks more colorful and fun! One recipe that really stood out to us involves watermelon ice cubes to complement watermelon limeade.

Hopefully these ideas inspire you to embrace the heat wave and make some unique treats to celebrate the sunshine! Please remember to enjoy responsibly. Share your Ustianochka summer creations with us! Post a picture on social media with the hashtag #Ustianochka, and we may feature your summer recipe so others can enjoy it as well. Happy Summer!

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