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Enjoy Cheering on Your Favorite Team with Ustianochka!

Spring means a lot of things to Pittsburgh residents, but one major perk of warm weather is being able to enjoy Penguins hockey and Pirates baseball in our shorts and sundresses!

This year, we want you to add Ustianochka to your team, and take it on the road with you will you enjoy cookouts and tailgates. Here are four ideas for


Add the Mixer of Champions

Gatorade was invented in 1955 to help protect college football players from heat-related illness. Just because you aren’t PLAYING a sport, that doesn’t mean you can’t use Gatorade as a delicious mixer in your Ustianochka vodka. You can also pour some Ustianochka vodka into your Gatorade bottle and put it in the freezer until it comes out like a slushy. A great drink to kick back with and enjoy cheering on the Pens or the Buccos.


Add Some Local “Pop”

If you’re cheering on the black and gold, not just any old soda pop (or pop, as any Pittsburgher will tell you) will do. Natrona Bottling Company was founded in 1904 in Natrona, Pa., and it offers pop in flavors such as Root Beer, Red Ribbon Almond Cream Soda, and Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beer. Bring together the taste of Russia and the taste of Pittsburgh to craft your own perfect drink! In fact, the smooth and clean taste of Ustianochka mixes well with any soda or juice.


Try Out Summer Beer

We’ve seen recipes for Summer Beer floating around the internet – especially on Pinterest. We had to try it out for ourselves. And, of course, Usti was a perfect fit for this refreshing drink!  All you need is a blender,  ice, frozen lemonade from concentrate, 12 oz. of beer and 12 oz. of Ustianochka vodka.  Oh, and some thirsty hockey or baseball fans.


Add Vodka to Your Fruit!

If you’re hosting a cookout and want to put a new spin on a classic picnic food, try infusing your watermelon with vodka. It takes about a week for the process to take place, so be sure to plan ahead of time. Just make sure none of the kids try to munch on it as a snack!


Some other things not to forget for your cookout or tailgate:

  • Plenty of water to keep you hydrated as you enjoy your favorite drinks and cocktails
  • The sunscreen and sunglasses. No one likes a fried fan!
  • Hand sanitizer for outdoor tailgates that don’t allow access to public restrooms
  • A grill, including a portable one that is great for tailgating
  • Enough food for all of your friends
  • Your camera. Show us how you cheer on your team with Ustianochka!

Go team!

Bring The Spirit Home!

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