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A History of Vodka

While you may know vodka as the not-so-secret ingredient in your favorite cocktail, we’re sure that there are a lot of things about this smooth concoction that still remain a mystery. So, we wanted to be sure that the next time you order a vodka cranberry or a kamikaze shooter, you can fill your friends in on the history and usage of your favorite drink.

The First Sip

Vodka hails from Northern Europe with Russia, Poland, and Sweden all claiming that they were the first to distill it. The name vodka comes from the Russian word “voda,” meaning water. For those who don’t know, vodka can be created from starch or sugar-filled substances such as potatoes, corn, rye, wheat, and soy.

The Gin & Vodka Association states that the first vodka distillery was in the Russian town of Khylnovsk in the 9th century, but some sources insist that vodka was being distilled in Poland in the 8th century.

Vodka was first recorded as “vodka” in 1405 in court documents from Poland, and gained popularity in the United States after World War II.

More Than Just a Drink

In 1534, European medics and scientists reported that vodka could be used as a way to “increase fertility and awaken lust.” While this is certainly some interesting data, vodka has many uses beyond being enjoyed as a drink.

From the start of its creation, vodka was used for medicinal purposes, to treat ailments such as poison ivy, jellyfish stings, cold sores, and toothaches. But it also makes an excellent cleaning product and can be used to remove sticky substances from surfaces, clean your windows, and even reduce build up when added to your favorite shampoo.

Basically, if vodka can’t do it, nothing can.

Ustianochka, Real Russian Vodka

Ustianochka vodka is distilled in Northern Russian from the nation’s purest mineral water. Grains from nearby fields are combined with the mineral water and the vodka is created with the “wooden paddle” technique, by hand, giving it it’s unique and pure taste.

And while we could sit here all day and list the reasons you need to try our distinctly smooth vodka, we suggest trying it for yourself and sharing your new knowledge with your friends. You may even want to try some at-home remedies to clean and cure! With the same techniques and passion put into distilling vodka in 9th century Russia, we provide you with only the best vodka, no matter how you want to use it.

Now that you know its history, factor Ustianochka into your future.

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